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Hidden in the Bolkar Mountain range in the larger Taurus Mountains above Mersin, Gözne is a picturesque Turkish mountain town used by locals for both year round homes and summer homes. But above them all is Gözne Castle, looking down on the town and the larger city of Mersin below.

Built in the Middle Ages and possibly inhabited by Greek and Armenians, the castle is in very good shape and is still accepting visitors. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding valleys from the many picnic tables provided on the grounds.

There is an entrance fee of ₺5.

Getting to the castle is relatively easy and is accessed by paved roads all the way from Mersin. The trip takes about 30 minutes. Once you enter Gözne, follow the signs for “Gözne Kalesi.”

There is a geocache located on the castle grounds. You can check out the cache information here.