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Gözlükule is a tumulus or mound that at one time was a thriving city at the crossroads of two of the main roads of the region, one following the coastline of the sea, and the other coming down from Anatolia through the Cilician Gates. It was a port city, and when Tarsus was founded to its north, it continued to be the port for the capital of Cilicia.  But as the Berdan River continued to leave silt deposits behind and push the coastline further south, eventually Gözlükule ceased to be a port and was taken into the realm of the larger Tarsus.

There is currently some excavations being done at the highest point of the mound, but the remains are covered form public view and are behind a fence.


The mound is now separated as a park from the surrounding neighborhood. You can follow the map below to easily find it’s location.

While here:

When at Gözlükule, you are a close walk to Cleopatra’s Gate (Kleopatra Kapısı) and to Aziz Pavlus Kilisesi (St. Paul’s Church). See the map below for directions.