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Cemilli Kalesi (Castle) is a medieval castle located in the yaylı (foothills) above Mizitli. The original name of the castle is not known, but is called by locals by the village name in which it is located (Cemilli) or by Kaleburnu.

What to See:

The remaining portion of the castle is the northernmost bastion and some remaining foundation walls to the furthest south. (Warning: do be careful as you walk the western and southern portions of the grounds. There are very steep drop-offs of about 80 meters, and no remaining walls or fences to keep you from going too far.) The view from the castle is spectacular, both of the quaint village of Cemilli, as well as the distant Mizitli off to the south. There are said to be ceramic remains dating from the Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman eras around the castle, though finding them proved difficult for this searcher.


If you’re coming in Mizitli, Cemilli Castle (Cemilli Kalesi) is only 30 kilometers north in the mountains. Follow the Fındıkpınar yolu out of Mezitli until you reach the village of Cemilli. The castle is actually above you as you enter the village, but you can neither see it nor climb to it from here. You will need to drive through the village, and as you reach the village’s northern border, you should turn right onto the small road that is marked by a green sign saying, Cemilli Köyü Mezarlığı. You will follow this road up the mountain side for a while until you reach the a split that goes to the right. Follow this even smaller road about one kilometer until you reach a house on the left. If you look to you right, you will see the castle down the hill a bit (marked with a red Turkish flag). The owner of the house let me park on the right side (you will need to pull in tight to the right side to allow other cars to pass). You will then hike down through the field until you arrive.