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Through the Cilician Gates is a site dedicated to the exploration and display of Cilicia and the lands and peoples of Asia Minor. For much of human history, the mountain pass named the Cilician Gates was one of the main ways through the Taurus Mountains from Europe to south Asia and Africa. Many peoples have passed through these gates, and the cities and cultures they have left behind can still be seen, if one knows where to look. Our content is organized by region, and will highlight the castles, churches, mounds, and other historically and culturally important sites in Cilicia and beyond.  When possible, there are also recommendations for other nearby locations to visit, as well as restaurants and places to stay that you shouldn’t miss. So join us as we explore Asia Minor through the door of the Cilician Gates.

familyThrough the Cilican Gates is a result of the ongoing research and curiosity of Benjamin Cripps, a writer and editor living in Turkey. Benjamin and his family have lived in Turkey since 2012, and while at times it has been difficult, getting a chance to live in another culture and learn it’s intricacies has proven to be both entertaining and educational for us all.